A Few Snaps via iPhone

I can't even believe I'm about to say this (or the fact that it even happened in the first place) but I've been with out my DSLR for about 2 weeks now. I went to visit my mom for about a week and a half and then afterwards (fourth of July weekend) my husband picked up Kailey and I to go visit his aunt and cousins for the weekend. And that entire time I had to suffer without my camera. I sound dramatic, I know. But my camera goes everywhere with me and my iPhone doesn't do the justice of what I vision when I photograph ...anything, really. So I didn't take many photos the past couple of weeks. It just wasn't the same.

Kailey had a blast with her cousins, though. She hasn't seen them in nearly a year due to the distance so it was a much needed visit. She connected with them all right away, watching the two older ones and her converse in their little "toddler talk" was probably the cutest thing I witnessed the entire weekend.

Overall a very good little vaca, I just want my camera next time lol.


All we need is right in front of us

This past weekend gave me a totally new mind set on life. The earth is so beautiful and essentially, it's all we really need. My phone, my hair, my makeup, my clothes - didn't matter to me whatsoever. And not because it was a "camping trip", but because none of that really sparked an interest to me because we had all of this right in front of us. We could have stayed in a camping area right in the town we were visiting with free wifi, public restrooms, etc. But we preferred the real deal. We wanted to adventure and explore some real wildlife.

I have never seen Kailey have more fun, I have never seen my husband happier. And this alone made me happy. But everything else right in front of me made me even happier. I definitely didn't picture myself as the outdoorsy type but I had a blast and we're definitely doing this more often.


Another Sunday Funday

We had a very much needed family day on Sunday filled with grilling, sand castle making, and lake playing. These kind of days are my favorite. Where the weather is perfect and everything goes just as planned. While we were there, Kailey saw some people camping and asked if we could go, so we decided that's what we will do on Father's Day weekend. Usually I would hate camping but something about camping outside with my little family sounds really enjoyable.

Now that Kailey is a little older there are so many more activities to do. This summer should be a good one.


Sunday Funday

Featuring the dirt at the park. Because what's more fun than this? Apparently not the swings or the slides according to my child. Those boring old things only kept her attention for a short amount of time before she realized the dirt was where it was at.


Lets try this again

Hello blogger, we meet again.

If you're an old subscriber randomly seeing me on your GFC or bloglovin' feed again, then hi, long time no see. I made my blog private last summer and made the decision to switch over to tumblr to do my blogging. Even though I switched, I still posted on here every now and then just to back up some of my favorite posts. Probably because I knew this would happen one day, that I would be back. I originally wanted to switch to wordpress but that needed entirely way too much time that I didn't have - so here I am, back on blogger just doin' my thang.

Recently I've learned that I actually really enjoy photography. I mean, I've kind of always known that, but I was always too insecure of my ability to take a good photograph to admit it. But the passion is definitely there and it's too noticeable for my insecurities to hold me back from acknowledging it any longer.

Lastly, I've made a new bloglovin due to the name change so feel free to follow here (or there are other ways in the sidebar).


Easter Morning

Egg hunting and basket finding.