All we need is right in front of us

This past weekend gave me a totally new mind set on life. The earth is so beautiful and essentially, it's all we really need. My phone, my hair, my makeup, my clothes - didn't matter to me whatsoever. And not because it was a "camping trip", but because none of that really sparked an interest to me because we had all of this right in front of us. We could have stayed in a camping area right in the town we were visiting with free wifi, public restrooms, etc. But we preferred the real deal. We wanted to adventure and explore some real wildlife.

I have never seen Kailey have more fun, I have never seen my husband happier. And this alone made me happy. But everything else right in front of me made me even happier. I definitely didn't picture myself as the outdoorsy type but I had a blast and we're definitely doing this more often.

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